A severely underrated thing to do during quarantine

I don’t know when this idea came to me, but I’m sure glad it did. 

And that is to…

Google/youtube/bing (heh): 

HOW-TO “insert thing you never knew you needed a how-to for”. 

For example, the TECH ones I’ve been researching recently are:

  • How to organise my emails
  • How to use microsoft word properly
  • How to use google drive properly 
  • How to use keyboard shortcuts
  • How to use Final cut pro (the software I use to edit my youtube videos) 

The idea is, that even though I knew how to use these things, I only knew them superficially. 

No one teaches you the ins and outs of these apps, and definitely not how to organise things like your emails. So go forth! There are HEAPS of tools and tricks to save you time that I had no idea even existed! 

Of course, these how-to’s can extend to the un-tech side of things: 

The not so tech: 

  • How to organise my kitchen pantry 
  • How to organise a to-do list 
  • How to look more confident 
  • How to cut up a capsicum (It has been nothing short of life-changing) 

Go wild! 

There’s heaps of stuff to be learnt out there 🙂



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