A Toast to the Most Iconic Duo

It’s a relationship so strong, so genuine, so real. 

It’s hard to imagine life without this duo, whom I’ve depended on throughout exchange, and currently as I write this. 

It could be their natural chemistry, the balance between strength and individuality. Separately they are unique, but together…

Indispensable and necessary. 

So here is my love letter to…


The two and only


To which I reply – “Yes, PB + BANANA is not a joke. Its the core of the food chart, and the basis behind 98.76% of youtube food videos. 

Now, I don’t consider myself a cult follower, but the number of people I’ve converted to this movement says otherwise. 

To date, there’s been one ‘friend’ that neither likes peanuts nor banana…


We no longer talk. 

So SHUN the non-believers. 

To describe this duo with justice, I’m currently eating them. 

So…onto my toast:

Look at you, so crisp and strong. While not considered within the duo, you are the silent backbone – watching over both as the humble guardian you are. 

You hold, you nurture. 

You make sure to never cave in and get soggy. 

I appreciate you. 


Look at you. 

Melting over like delicate unicorn tears. 

You are the creamy lather that coats the toast like a wholesome blanket. 

The umami to my diet, the blockage to my digestive tract…

I appreciate you. 

You are the jesus of fruit (besides mango). 

Slice by slice, you gracefully cover your lifelong partner. 



It’s true love. 

I appreciate you. 


But wait. 

There’s more…


Of course there’s more. 

A golden child. A prophecy of spice. 

You are the underrated addition to any party, especially this one. 

For that, I thank you. 


The final addition to this winning combination, are my fleeting salty tears. 

They wash over gently, adding the perfect palatable balance one can naturally produce. 

And don’t worry if you doubt your eye secretions, after taking one bite, they’ll flow right out. 

Now look at the beauty that beholds us. 

I often think what mankind has done to deserve you. 

We fight, deceive, manipulate. 

Yet you sit there (probably because you can’t do much else), and shower us with your blinding perfection. 

I often feel like a third wheel, and, I am honoured. 

You even make me more popular.

Somehow, people naturally gravitate towards me. 

So to conclude. 

You have a connection, one that I am grateful to be in the presence of. 

Please, keep on inspiring and being the natural, effortless duo you both are. I am grateful you aren’t at a shortage this iso period. Not that it’s surprising – you always seem to get through anything. 


So thank you for showing me what love is

Thank you for warning me about greed, as I pack on my banana slices which inevitably fall to the ground  –  Making eating more stressful than ever. 

Thank you for being you. 


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