I’m Jo, a sucker for personal development and a recent Bachelor of Science graduate (majoring in physiology). 

As I’m embarking on my Master’s of Teaching in 2021, I’m realising more and more problems in the traditional education system. 

At the core, is the topic:

How can we make education relevant and fun? 

As such, I provide:

1. Booked talks at high schools regarding personal development + wellbeing

2. A podcast ‘Ready to Redo’, dedicated entirely to educational redoing. 

What will I find here?

  1. Sprinkle of wellbeing here, and existential crises there

  2. Personal development resources, and insights into skills I wish we learnt in school.

  3. My personal teaching tips + strategies 

  4. How we can redo the education system

… +much more!

I’m excited to begin this journey with you all – Here’s to more learning, experimentation and JOY.