Day 2 – Become a myki greeter

Dose of Rejection continues with a rather peculiar challenge!

For context, myki is the public transport card we use in Melbourne, and metro trains is the name of our train system. 

My wild plan was this: Ask to stand next to the myki barrier points and greet people with “thanks for riding with Metro trains”, “have a great day” among other positive phrases.  

Harmless, heppi, and a great challenge. Hope you enjoy x

A moment of reflection

So sadly I didn’t get to be a myki greeter, however here’s what stood out to me:

1. CLIVEEEE!! The chillest and most wholesome metro worker I ever did see. He was willing to help, and get me one step closer to my goal! SAY G’DAY TO CLIVE!  

2. Everyone tries to help in some way. Even the guy at the top desk who was rightly confused, still had the patience and friendliness to listen to my rambling, reject, and suggest alternatives. 

3. Subjecting myself to these situations where I appear ‘weird’ is building my tolerance to how people see me. I’m a recovering people pleaser (which is not entirely bad as written here), and I always want to act in a way that limits being excluded. HAHAHA Jo good luck, only more weird looks to come >:) 

2. I feel more confident vlogging in public, but still hold my breath when I’m around lots of people. I have to keep reminding myself, ‘if i’m not doing anything rude, disruptive etc, I’m good.’


Happy days, 



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