Forgetting the ‘yet’

“I’m not good at maths…YET

“I don’t have the skills…YET

“I’ll always be a failure…YEwait hold on, I don’t think that’s right

Anyway, you get the picture.

When we say or think things like “I’ll never get better” and “I can’t do this…”, we’re boxing ourselves in. We’re unintentionally believing that:

There is no hope for improvement, everything will always stay the same.

That’s the trap of the fixed mindset.


The growth mindset on the other hand, is to know that we can ALWAYS improve. Not being good at something right now means shit all for the future.

It is the belief that we are always changing, learning, adapting and growing.

So when you’re feeling ‘eh’ and start boxing yourself in … add the golden nugget:


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