Generosity is not a transaction

In a business course I’m currently completing, the other students and I discussed generosity. We all had the understanding that when you give more, you receive more. 

But someone brought up a very interesting point: 

Generosity is NOT a transaction. To truly be generous, you expect nothing in return. You are fulfilled simply by the act of giving. If someone feels the need to reciprocate, that’s cool – but you’re not mad if they don’t. 

What sort of zen god-like level is this?!

But honestly, how can we blame our mindset when most of our culture is saturated with transaction? 

When you buy the Harry Potter series, you use money to complete that transaction. When someone invites you for dinner, you feel the need to bring a snacc of some sort. When you go to a party, you bring an obligatory present. When you compliment someone, you hope that they compliment you back. 

It’s rooted into us, to expect to give and then receive. 

But that has led me to give for the sake of receiving something in return

For example, in the business course, you are able to comment on other peoples’ work to help give perspective. But when I’d comment/give, I’d expect to also receive a comment back from them in my posts.

… I’m working on it. 


And I’ll finish up with this.

Generosity is literally defined as ABUNDANCE

When you give, you’re not caught up in making up for what you gave. Because you have abundant resources, love, generosity to share with others. 

So what can we do?

Compliment someone and don’t expect anything back. Help someone and don’t expect anything back. Tell someone about a job that you know would suit them and don’t expect anything back. 

So this is my next mission. Give, and be happy with that. I hope you’ll join too! 


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