How to find out what you ACTUALLY like doing (Journaling 101)

One of my most useful habits throughout 2020 has been to do what’s called the ‘30 day challenge‘. 


The steps are:

For 30 days, at the end of the day write down:

1. Activities that energised you

2. Activities that drained you

And after 30 days, revisit what you’ve written to observe the trends in your answers.

I noticed I wrote “energised by waking up early” and “drained by going to bed late and waking up late”.

So from that, I know that looking forward, waking up early is my best bet.


WHY this is helpful:

1. You know what you truly enjoy doing (by picking out common ‘energising’ activities) 

2. You can eliminate/delegate what doesn’t serve you in your life (less of the ‘draining’ activities) 

3. You can’t bullshit any of this because you’ve written it all down! Plus it’s accurate because of the consistent entries.


If you want to be extra like me, I also include these into my daily recount:

1. What have I learnt today?

2. How could I improve today? (Sometimes my answer is ‘nothing, I liked today how it was!’)

3. What’s a story I could tell from today?

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