How to Increase ALL IN ONE WP MIGRATION Import Limit

I have good news… IT CAN BE DONE!

All the newer All in One versions seem to have people (including me) struggling to import because of restricted limits. I followed this youtube tutorial by ‘One page Zen’, but got stuck. **NOT SPONSORED**


So stay tuned for how I managed (after lots of frustration) to get unstuck and increase the import limit to 10GB from 512 MB!


STEP 1: Download an old version of All in One WP migration

I had an issue when I tried this. Most of the old versions I found on migration tutorials (6.83 and earlier) would automatically convert to version 7.5 when downloaded in wordpress plugins.

My struggles exactly

After much frustration, I found the holy grail of a link, provided by kind samaritan Nick G. 



Lord and Saviour

The link then takes you to this:


To do anything about it, you first need to go to ‘Down Git’ ‘https://minhaskamal.github.io/DownGit/#/home‘ 

and then insert the link as mentioned above to download. 

Click ‘download’ and you are on your way to increased GB limit!

You will now have a zip file downloaded. 

Step 2: Continue as you would before

YAY! Now what? 

So now go back onto your wordpress admin page. 

Go to plugins (add new)

At the top, next to ADD PLUGINS, you’ll see ‘upload plugin’


Upload as usual and VOILA, import limit has increased to 10GB!

If you have any other questions please feel free to comment below – hope I’ve saved you guys a bit of time 🙂 

Jo x

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