Just see what you can get away with

I’m currently reading Jen Sincero’s “You are a badass” (have mixed feeling – will do a proper book review when I’m finished) … and this gem came up. 

The motto “I just wanna see what I can get away with”

The general idea is this: 

Life’s freaking cool, it’s fun, it’s playful. We get so caught up in other things like doubt, fear and hesitance. 

Simply add “I just wanna see if I can…” before your extravagant goals.

E.g I just wanna see if I can hike macchu picchu. I just wanna see if I can write a book. I just wanna see if I can swim with dolphins. I just wanna see if I can be an ikea catalogue model ( … no joke, i’m determined to get there).  

The reason why I like it is because it reduces the pressure off your goal. It lightens the mood, and dulls the snappy “hell no, that’s not possible” resistance. 

It limits your EXCUSES. It makes it seem achievable. It’s like an experiment without the hypotheses and rats. 

So here are some of my ‘if I can’s’ (and I highly recommend you reflect over some of your own!)


  • Build an alternative school (different from the traditional standardised ones)

  • Interview Nat Tran 

  • Dive from the highest diving board (just the thought makes my palms sweaty … knees weak… arms are heavy) 

  •  Star as a tree in someone’s theatre production 

  • Do a TED talk 

So there we go! I hope this gets those brain gears chugging along 🙂 

Enjoy your weekend,


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