Learning is actually hekkin fun!

Who knew, that I’d be spending my time learning economics ……. WILLINGLY?!

No one’s got a gun to my head making me draw up a supply and demand graph (at least not to my knowledge) – and this both terrifies and excites me.

We are naturally curious, information absorbing beans. New things interest us, and we proactively learn about it if it’s fun to us. 

But come on … economics …? 

How the heck does Crash course make a topic like this fun? 

Here’s what I think:

1. Good ol’ animations. 

Everything’s visual, and a large chonk of theories are explained through entertaining animations. 

Using pizza to explain specialisation + trade (Ep #2)

2. Relevant examples

With each theory they introduce, they explain it with something we’re familiar with. E.g GDP shenanigans through a car analogy (btw it also taught me about cars). 

3.  Funny 

Their humour’s pretty corny, but that’s how my brain cell operates. 

4. Doesn’t make ya feel dumb

I’m guilty of being like ‘wtf?’ as soon as the theory ups one level. But as soon as that happens, they’re like ‘dw if it’s hard, we’ll revisit it again later’. Also, they answer questions I have while watching. E.g ‘so you’re probably wondering…’ 

Also side note: 

I find that putting on subtitles actually helps my brain understand what they’re saying a WHOLE lot easier. 

So go forth! What do you want to know more about? There’re so many free courses online (absolutely boggles my mind). 

Thank the lawd for the interweb and the Green Brothers and Crash Course. 

Happy Friday!


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