Merely ship it

'Don't say "I have no good ideas", start by saying... "I don't have enough bad ideas."
Seth Godin

In Seth’s podcast episode ‘no such thing (as writer’s block)’, he urges us to simply ship it. 

Meaning, to continue to produce un-“perfect” work no matter how motivated or inspired we feel. 

But there’s a resistance that comes with creating; one I experience all the time. It’s this pull of self doubt or avoidance, that gets me cleaning my room instead of writing a blog post. 

And then if I get through that stage, having to deal with my internal exasperation of “it’s not good enoughhhh!”. All of which Seth attributes to our need for PERFECTION.

Before beginning, we pressure ourselves to create great work. Though if anything, that only pressures us OUT of doing the hard work of producing; the very action we need to make quality content. 

Of course, to make impactful, resonating work…we first need to make shit. 

It’s the process of ‘making’ we’re after. The habit of writing that blog post, of choreographing a dance, of coding for a project…no matter the level of ‘feeling like it’. 

It’s this conditioning, that no matter what quality, we’ll continue to ship work, and squash that inner fear and avoidance. 

Seth really emphasises to show up with the best work we can create right now

It may be a pile of dung. But at least it’s there. Stanking up your whole room and motivating you to take another, unflattering step forward. 

So I agree, we don’t have enough bad ideas. But by slowly getting over this resistance, more good ideas will follow. 

Jo x

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