Practical Tips for saying ‘no’

Oh god … the dreaded ‘no’. 

Whether it’s us trying to be nice, or feeling the FOMO and signing up for everything – saying NO can be a hekkin huge challenge. 

When we pile up all these activities, we’re even unsure what to say no to! 

It’s a hard skill to develop – and yes, I say skill because the more we practice, the better we are at it. 

Here’s an ongoing list to help you become a ‘no’ sensei. 

TIP #1

Rate the activity on a scale from 1-10. Only catch is? You can’t pick 7. 

That forces us to either pick 6 or 8, which makes realise whether we’re genuinely excited for it, or if we feel obligated. 

(Tip from Kyle Maynard in ‘Tribe of Mentors’)


TIP #2

SANDWICH method. 

This could be used for so many things. Politely declining a date, or saying no to a relative’s wedding … The last thing we want when we say ‘no’ is to look like an asshole. 

So begin with a nice comment, wedge the ‘no’ in the middle, and end with another nice comment. 

A delicious handful of 'no'

E.g – Being invited to a one-off event/opportunity

Hey, first of all thanks so much for thinking about me, it really means a lot. (kind intro)

I’ve given this a lot of thought, and i’ve just got so many things piled up right now and trying to get my head around it all. While I’m super grateful you thought of inviting me, I’ll have to pass. (ie whatever reason reflects your situation).  

Again, thank you so much, and good luck/congrats/hope it goes well. 

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