Reinvent Yourself Regularly

‘Tribe of Mentors’ has taught us ways to say ‘no’, so here’s yet another golden nugget from this thicc book. 

This one comes from Peter Guber, which says:

“… a young person should view the career pyramid differently rather than traditionally. Put the point at the bottom where you are now (at the start of your career) and conceive your future as an expanding opportunity horizon … Reinvent yourself regularly. See your world as an ever-increasing set of realities and seize the day.”

Side note: This idea isn’t just for careers or academics … it applies to EVERYTHING.

But in terms of careers, we often think that we start with the chonky foundation. So the more we move up and specialise, the narrower our paths get. 

But rather than everything funnelling over time, every day our knowledge expands, and more opportunities appear. 


We’re always starting at the pointy end. We are continuously growing, learning and reinventing ourselves. 

Also, even if we think we’re half way up the pyramid, we’re always sent back to the bottom, ready to learn again. 

Some call it beginner’s mind. 

So when you think you know everything, and believe things will all stay the same … 

guess it’s time to reinvent yourself. 



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