Unhelpful / Self Sabotaging Thinking Styles

It could be that you’re smack bang in exam period, or working more and more hours leading up to the EOFY. Or that you’ve eaten 2 tubs of ice-cream and curse yourself for the tummy ache. 

Whatever the situation, if you’re feeling stressed in any way, these visual thinking style worksheets will help. A couple of years ago during uni, I had A LOTTT of academic anxiety. “Omg I’m going to fail my exams … better abandon any sense of rationality and study alllll day all night”. 

So I saw a counsellor and was introduced to these shiny pellets of wisdom. 

It’ll help point out when your thoughts are becoming irrational, and what to ask yourself if they come up. I’ll be posting a youtube video going into more detail this Sunday – stay tuned 🙂 

Here’s a link to the bottom sheet’s PDF. 

Unhelpful thinking habits

And here’s a video I did a while ago about ways to manage your inner critical dialogue. 

Stay safe, stay well. 

You can get through it!


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