Warm Fuzzies Gratitude Reminder

So yesterday I had a fight with mum, and found out key things about myself. Specifically, that I’ll naturally deflect blame onto someone else and try to justify why I’m right (will go MUCH deeper in a future blog or video). 

Of course, afterwards I went into my podcasts app and searched these key words: ‘how to stop blaming others’ and found the most spot on, relevant talk that my fingers could find. And then it hit me: 


Just 20 years ago, this was almost impossible to do! ie find content that you really need in 20 seconds max. A friend was mentioning her gratitude for scientific literary reviews – ie, find articles you want to reference with a simply search and cntrl F, instead of flipping through endless CHUNKYY books and scanning profusely through the index. 

Over time when we’re exposed to so many things, we simply become desensitised. A electric brick (computer) that you can play tetris on and message a friend? The fact that you can even message a friend on any electric device of your choosing? The fact that you have a house to feel safe in in the winter and a bed to sleep in? The fact that you have a support network that you can reach out to if you feel stuck? 

The list is ENDLESS. 

So here is a reminder for gratitude. 

What is just one tiny thing you’re grateful for? 

It could be material, or relational, or anything really. Even yourself! Ie. “I’m grateful for how I’ll think about others and am generous”. 

We really do have a lot, but most we take for granted. I hope you take your one gratitude into your day today, and experience those NICE WARM FUZZIES!!


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