Wrong decisions don’t exist


What I discuss is not related to murder, adultery, saying that bohemian rhapsody is not a good kareoke song… among other inhumane things.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s today’s mini wellbeing reminder. 

“You’re on a journey with no defined beginning, middle or end. There are no wrong twists and turns”

Jen Sincero (‘You are a badass’)

One thing that keeps tripping me up, is the uncertainty whether I’m making the ‘right’ choice. I hesitate, because maybe there’s a better option out there for me. 

And I mean, thinking and analysing your situation is a good thing. The question ‘is this really what I want?’, can save you from regretting it in the future.

But OVER thinking can be quite limiting, to the point where you spend all your time theorising, and no time actually doing

For example, throughout uni I was full-on avoiding the dreaded ‘what are you going to do after?’ conversations.


Satan 1: Hey Jo! How’s uni going?

Me: Yeah not bad, just playing tetris in lectures I’m not attending (laughs)

Satan 1: Haha funny…well soon you’ll be working, what are you going to do?

Me: … 

Me: *frantically sabotages level 10, runs off to join a cult, never to be seen again*

you taught me patience, concentration, and resilience

From my umming and ahhing of med, to dropping that idea because I’m not doctor material (hence tetris), to weighing out teaching or physiotherapy… these thoughts kept popping up:

“What if I choose the wrong thing? What if I find myself 10 years from now frustrated that I’ve made the wrong choice?” 

But what people kept reminding me was this: Whatever you do, your experience will supplement the next thing you do. Skills are transferable. Just try it, and move from there. 

‘Wrong’ twists and turns don’t exist. 

Take the route that has llamas and emus near sign posts. It may not be your thing, but at least you know what the fuss was about. 

Behold, the best scenic route

To be philisophical (yes I spelt it like that and I’m not correcting because I revel in my mistakes), there’s literally no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ about how you live your life. 

The more I’ve internalised that, the more I make decisions without fearing I’ll waste my time, energy, or resources. With our journey, we’re right in the experimental phase. This is where the road is MEANT TO BE curvy and full of speed signs + road signs that contradict each other. 

And this road is YOUR road. YOUR journey. 

Other people can scrub away the grime on the sign posts for clarity, but they cannot build your road for you. 

Sure we may not know where we’re driving to (…hypothetically – I still need to get my license lawd). But at least we’re doing the best we can in this situation, with the knowledge we have. 

Enjoy the sunny weather 🙂


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